A revolution (from the Latin revolutio, “a turn around”) is a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time. There’s a lot of stuff we don’t like in our world and maybe even in our life. Change is possible. Regeneration believes change begins when each of us embrace a relationship with Jesus Christ: making the choice to turn away from the destructive forces of selfishness, immorality, alcohol and drugs, prejudice and so many other things that steal away our future. But more than that, it’s allowing God’s Word to guide us in each step of the amazing journey He has for us all.


Regeneration offers a diverse blend of both activities and a meaningful worship experience. Let’s just put it this way, with our game nights, movie nights, bowling nights, camps, fusion trips, and evangelistic trips you won’t be looking long for something to do. But we are more than just fun, each week you and all your friends can immerse yourself in a worship experience.


Regeneration is for you, Middle school or High school, Black or white, Male or female.

Maybe you’re not really into the “church” thing. That’s okay, too. Just come and check it out. Regeneration is unique. We believe in doing church a little different than what you may be use too buy breaking most of the other traditional rules associated with church. In any regeneration youth service you can be hit with a live drama skit, a crazy video, silly games associated with the message, etc, etc.

So what are you waiting for? We’ll see you and all your friends this week at regeneration.

Mid Week ServiceEvery Wednesday at 7:00PM

The Encounter – youth prayer – Every Saturday Night at 7:30PM

Sunday Night ServiceEvery Sunday Night at 7:00PM

Regeneration Youth is a ministry of